Olney Community Allotment

Olney Allotments

are located in a quiet, idyllic position with lovely views overlooking fields and the church spire. They have been in existence for over 100 years. The land initially was donated very kindly by the Earl of Dartmouth, and to be dedicated for the purpose of growing food in WW1.

Over the years the enthusiasm declined and a few long standing allotmenteers remained faithful to the aim of growing your own food.  
However since the recession in 2009 this has seen a huge revival of ‘grow your own’, and the residents of Olney are no exception, There are over 100 plots, which involve in some cases 4 generations of gardens, ranging from toddlers to octogenarians, the site is suitable for all ambulant abilities with the addition of raised veg trugs, large raised beds, paved walking area for the less abled, and now, an all weather poly tunnel which is divided into 12 separate sections.

How did it start?

In 2014 the Olney Allotment Association Committee saw a need for a communal area, primarily for the purpose of re-cycling, storing of useable equipment, mulch.  In November 2014, the Olney Town Council kindly agreed to provide a community allotment for this purpose. 
In April 2015 the work began with a flurry of fund raising, hard work and dedication of over 40 volunteers including a great group of 16 Santander Volunteers, who worked tirelessly throughout the day, fence and painting, re-clad an old tired shed, laying down paving slabs and not to mention the tonnes of mulch they laid down to suppress the weeds. So far the committee have raised over £4,500 with a recent kind donation from Naomi and Nick Brock of £1,000. 
In September the Deputy Mayor of Milton Keynes, the Olney Mayor and several other sponsors attending the Official Opening of the Community Allotment.
The project has been such a success a kind plot holder Keith and Laraine offered to move out and the OTC gave us permission to now also use the adjacent plot so we could expand… and we did, the project is now in full flight with the Olney Infant Academy and the Olney Middle School working taking over 2/3rd of this additional plot.
The schools plan to use this area as an off-site location where children can go with their parents/grandparents and family members, out of school and at weekends, not to mention the benefits of working on a community project.
The next phase is to build more raised beds for the children and to provide trellis, fencing and a secure area for children in wheel chairs 
and other aids.

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